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Paper tube heart stamps.


Make your own fabulous Valentine greeting with these easy peasy stamps which you can make with a paper roll from a toilet roll or kitchen paper towel roll.  I used a kitchen towel roll and cut it into three to make three heart stamps.

The paint I used is from Target’s Hand Made Modern acrylic paint range. It is inexpensive but with a great range of colours to choose from.

To get the heart shape you have to gently squeeze the tube so that the top folds in slightly and the bottom forms a point.  Squeeze the point to make a sharper shape and ease the rounded top into a heart shape.

Once you have your heart/hearts grab some paint and brush some around the end of the tube, coating the whole heart in paint.  If you prefer, you can stomp the heart into the paint to load it, like a traditional stamp.  I like to brush the paint to control how much goes on to the stamp.

I started with single colours and then I got all crazy and mixed some reds and pinks and gold on the same heart for some variety.  Both turned out nicely I think.

I did end up using one heart more than the others as it seemed to give the best shape and you might find this too, or you might be a heart making genius and have a handful of perfect hearts!

Once the hearts are stamped and dry, you could draw and doodle inside or around them, or write a note to that special someone and give it as a card.

Stamp out some blank postcards and send some heartfelt snail mail.  Oh, I think I am going to do this!






Stamped heart card

Lots of lovely heart goodness to make for Valentine’s Day, with the kids or in your sketchbook.

If you have a go and want to share, tag me on Instagram @catseatdogsmakes or share here in the comments!

Happy Wednesday and happy stamping!

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