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Get Messy Art Journaling – Stencil and Pink


This week in my art journal I have been playing with stencils, single line drawing and making a spread using only pinks.  All super fun!  Thanks to the fine folks at Get Messy Art Journaling for the ideas and enthusiasm.


This double page was made by applying a thin layer of gesso then I used the stencil I made to create the all over design. All in an old book I have selected to use as a sketchbook.  Watercolor paint created a nice gentle colour which is lighter and darker at random.  You can see the stencil on the right of the photo, so it took a few layers to cover the page.  I am a little bit in love with this effect though and I have fallen hard for stencil making.


Making a drawing using a single line and not taking your pencil/pen off the page until you are done sounds rather intimidating, but this was such a great exercise.  I took the pressure off myself and grabbed a teal blue colored pencil and started with the pencils in the jar and worked my way down the page until it was full.  A very loose interpretation of the junk on my table when I am drawing, but a very enjoyable one.


Finally, Emily at Squiggle and Swirl threw down the colour gauntlet and challenged us to make a page using the same colours. I decided to use pinks.  I really liked making this page even though the dots which were made with a hole puncher, took an age to stick down. Pink hedgehogs are rare I think!

So that was my week of art journaling, I wonder what will appear in the next week?  You never know do you?  What might happen when you open your sketchbook and grab a pen or a brush or a stencil?!

Happy Thursday and happy journaling!


  1. How long did it take to make that Stencil, I am in awe! Love your line drawing and of course the pink page. Thanks for joining in and I’m so happy you are enjoying the art journaling too!

    • Hi Emily, I made a two row stencil and repeated across the page, to make the stencil I drew the triangle design on paper then traced/cut it out. Didn’t take long. I am loving the art journaling!

  2. Love how your pages are looking Clare!. I am enjoying these prompts for this season too, they are lots of fun.

  3. Oh yes Clare, pink hedgehogs are very, very rare & extremely special! haha love it…I certainly agree how great it is never knowing which direction journalling prompts are going to take you.

  4. Such great pages!! Love the stencil! I have yet to make one yet but it’s on my list of things to try! 🙂

  5. Love all of these. Thanks for the idea for the stencil. I have made one with a handful of sized circles but really love the idea of making my own stencils this year.

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