Hand Lettering and sketching, Weekly Photo Challenge
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Weekly Photos 6/52







This week I have been arting all over the place!  I am taking a few classes and learning lots which is always a wonderful thing.  I saw lots of feathers on Instagram through the week and discovered the #IFDrawAWeek and joined in with the ‘feather’ week.

1. I passed this historic house as I walked to the doctors this week, I find it strange that it is just there on the side of the road.  It used to have a sign I think, but that has gone now.  There is sits, being old, but still majestic. I love the blue walls.

2. On the way back from the doctors I walked passed the local ‘lake’ which was looking very pretty in the cold and ice.  Remember folks, don’t feed the ducks.

3. I made some stencils this week and had a lovely time messing about with them in my art journal.

4. Ikea was our destination this weekend, where we bought various useful things for the house like shelves and mugs! I liked these clouds leading into the kids section.

5. It snowed all morning yesterday but only left us an inch or so on the ground.  It is a sunny day today, so it is melting quickly.

6. The fab feathers I painted as inspired by Instagram.  I used masking fluid and watercolors to get the feathery effect.  Fun!

I hope you have had a lovely and fabulous week and are embarking on an equally wonderful one ahead.

Happy Monday!



  1. Isabel says

    Your photos are beautiful Clare. I can’t believe how crisp and cold it looks where you are. A $50 fine for feeding the ducks! Well, I agree, bread isn’t good for ducks. Hope you have a lovely week too! xx Isabel

    • It is cold and warm then warm then cold here at the minute! The weather is bonkers. Bread is bad for ducks and most of the ducks around that lake are not ducks they are giant Canada Geese!

  2. Hi Clare, nice to meet you.. Thx for dropping by my blog and for your lovely feedback.
    I really enjoyed scrolling through some of your posts and seeing your discoveries

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