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‘I Like’ Friday. The snail mail postcard edition.

Postcards Snail Mail

Postcards.  I like to send postcards just as a little ‘hi there’ in the mail, they don’t take any writing, add the address and a few sentences and ready to go and brighten someone’s day.

Of course I wanted to make my own cards to send out.

These were all created with the ‘Phonto’ app and the ‘Little Moments by Fat Mum Slim’ app.  I chose these two because they allow you to use postcard dimensions rather than just a square.

I used backgrounds from the apps except the one photo on ‘Life is Good’ which I took at the Saint Louis Zoo of the flamingos.

They were printed onto card stock and I drew on the ‘postcard’ back to write the address and place the stamp.

Ta da, all ready to be written and mailed.

Happy Friday and have a fab weekend x



  1. Yes, just great! And now I’d like to make postcards. Not sure my printer is up for the task though 😦

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