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Get Messy Art Journaling – Happy!


Last year I joined the fabulous group ‘Get Messy Art Journaling‘ purely on inspiration.  The thing is I had never ever done any art journaling and I had no clue about it or how to create one of these pages.

What I did know was that I liked the work I was seeing made by the talented folk of Get Messy, and deep down I thought I might be able to give it a go.

So, I did.  I got a sketchbook or two and started to make backgrounds and stuck a few bits and bobs down and did some drawing and doodling and I began to repeat this process in no particular order.  Some pages I liked and some I really didn’t, in fact I ‘finished’ a page this morning and didn’t like it one bit, so I started again and came up with the above page and I am super happy with it.

To start with I didn’t really follow the prompts provided by the group because I was getting bogged down in even making a page let alone following any guide.  This new season is all about ‘happy’ and I am dipping my toe in and this is my first ‘happy’ page, hopefully of many.

There is happy right in the art work, as soon as I started putting down the initial colours, I was happy to be creating this page spread, I found the picture of Ava Gardner in a 1947 Hollywood magazine and I loved the far away relaxed gaze she has.

I may add more to the page but I think it is done, onwards to the next!

Happy Thursday and happy creating!




  1. This page is so happy! I’m glad you are happy with it too, it’s such a good feeling when you come up with something isn’t it. Like a happy surprise:)

    • Hi Emily! Thank you thank you for being the person who introduced me to Get Messy, I would never have done anything like this otherwise! A happy surprise indeed.

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