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#WIP Crochet Blanket and Drawing


I am joining Catherine at Saint Cardigan for this post all about some of my work(s) in progress.  I narrowed it down to a couple of projects although I have a week’s worth!  Once you have had a little look at what I am up to, you can pop over to Saint Cardigan and look at what everyone else has been doing.

This crochet blanket is my second ever and the one I have already completed is pretty much the same, just in lots of colours.  As you can see, I am no crochet genius, I can do granny square stitch (I am sure it isn’t even called that when it is not an actual granny square) and that is that.

For this blanket I decided to start with a dark dark grey and as I crochet out, I will use lighter and lighter shades, ending with white or a super pale grey.  I am currently at shade two and I am liking where I am heading.  The pattern is from Pip Lincolne’s book Craft for the Soul.

Learning to crochet took me so long, I am happy to have actually made something and now I am making this lovely blanket and I should finish it, yay!


This funny little notebook was at an estate sale this past week and I picked it up for 50c.  It is empty of writing or notes and each page has a grid and the Dewey Logo.  When I snagged it, I didn’t have a plan for it and as February started I decided to draw a house/building every day and I am drawing them in this book.


This is day one and I am excited to have a sketchbook full of twenty nine or more buildings.  I already feel like I want to draw a page of windows and one of doors, so that will be a couple of extra pages.


Day two was a block of flats!

I am already thinking what I will do every day in March.  Maybe a book of doodles or of faces.  Through January I drew a fish a day, all on the same page which worked really well as a daily creating project.  So I plan to do something along these lines every month through this year.  By December I should have a little collection of sketchbooks full of ideas and drawings.


This was a super fun project and literally took less than ten minutes every day.

Do you have lots of WIPs?  Are you more of a start a project, start a project, start another project person?  Or do you start one, finish one?  I do have various things on the go, but the finish of each is in my mind unless it really is not working.

I hope you are making lots of fabulous things!  Happy Wednesday x


  1. I love your blanket, Clare! Colourful is good but the greys make it look very sophisticated! And your fish are very cute. I like the fishtail just swimming off the page.

  2. Catherine Elizabeth says

    Thank you so much for joining in the link share Clare! Your blanket is going to look super classy in all those gorgeous greys. Learning to crochet is so tricky isn’t it? But once you’ve got the hang of it, you can get really creative 🙂
    I really like the idea of a one drawing a day type project. Your fish look fantastic and I bet your little book of buildings will be super cute. I hope we get to see everything you come up with by December this year. What a cool way to mark a year passing!

    • I am still not sure I could make any other stitches, but I am hoping to give it a go, maybe my next project?! Fingers crossed that I can do a daily picture all year! Thanks for organizing the link up x

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