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Weekly Photos 4/52.

I am happy to see February, not that January was bad, it was a perfectly good month, but for some reason February feels like my new year.  January was a kind of warm up and a successful one, now we are second month in, I feel like I am more on course.  Better plans and more importantly, ideas to complete said plans.  Hurrah for February.

This past week has been a fun one, we have had some sunshine and warm days.


I decided to have a go at making some postcards to send out to people.  To make some cards I used photos I have taken, like this one of the flamingos at the zoo with some text popped on.  Some I just used a plain background with text.  All done in apps like Phonto and Little Moments. I like these apps because you are not restricted to working in a square.  Fun!


At the salon! This glamorous shot was taken in the Hipstamatic app.


I picked up a box of vintage math cards and I have started to use them for an art project, not sure what I will do with them yet, but I will be working into them. Any ideas?


I have some cool seed pods in the garden.  I noticed these as I was putting my tomatoes and sweet peas into pots to start life indoors.  I now have so many tomato seeds in tiny pots, I am not sure where I will put them all if they all grow!!

imageWe went out with the metal detector and found this fire truck with only one wheel.  It was about a foot down, so it took some digging out.  Don’t worry we filled the hole back in! I was impressed as we usually only find bottle caps and ring pulls!

imageHere is the truck all washed up (the wheel fell out).  It is a 1976 Hot Wheels ‘Fire-Eater’. Pretty cool!

A good week gone by and another even better one coming up I hope!  Have a wonderful week, happy Monday x



  1. i’m happy for a new month too. february is short and just a little closer to spring. february 1st is the midpoint between the winter solstice and the spring equinox. i’m all for spring!

    lovely vintage find! 🙂

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