Hand Lettering and sketching, Weekly Photos
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Weekly Photos 10/52







1. The star magnolia is starting to bloom.

2. We got a new dog and her name is Ruby!  She is a rescue and a cutie.

3. I made an Easter card using watercolours, a white Gelly Roll pen and a blue Micron pen.

4. My neighbor has a beautiful magnolia tree which is blooming and looking amazing.

5. I bought the new Bella Grace this week, it is a magazine extravagance but I really enjoy it.

6. I managed to snap the magnolia last night with the night-time clouds in the background.

Everything is starting to bloom now, just starting, the daffodils are peeking out and some trees are in bloom and some are just budding.  My neighbor’s magnolia smells just gorgeous, especially on a rainy evening.

I hope you had a lovely week and are about to have an even better one!

Happy Monday x



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