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Weekly Photos 10/52

1. The star magnolia is starting to bloom. 2. We got a new dog and her name is Ruby!  She is a rescue and a cutie. 3. I made an Easter card using watercolours, a white Gelly Roll pen and a blue Micron pen. 4. My neighbor has a beautiful magnolia tree which is blooming and looking amazing. 5. I bought the new Bella Grace this week, it is a magazine extravagance but I really enjoy it. 6. I managed to snap the magnolia last night with the night-time clouds in the background. Everything is starting to bloom now, just starting, the daffodils are peeking out and some trees are in bloom and some are just budding.  My neighbor’s magnolia smells just gorgeous, especially on a rainy evening. I hope you had a lovely week and are about to have an even better one! Happy Monday x  

Weekly Photos 12/52. 2015

1. It’s daffodil time!  We always grab a few bunches when we go shopping through Spring. 2. Bright walls and furniture at Yo My Goodness frozen yoghurt. 3. One of my daily lettering challenge pieces, I quite like this one.  Hopefully I am getting better! 4. The first tree on our street to start to bud and flower. 5. – 7. Yesterday we decided to line all of the cars up on the drive.  And a car loving dinosaur! I hope you had a good week and have a lovely week lined up.  We are on Spring Break for a week and it is supposed to be a week of sun, clouds, rain and thunder.  So we have some outdoor plans and some DVDs to watch including ‘Big Hero Six’ and ‘Night at the Museum-Secret of the Tomb’.  Best get some popcorn!  

An Afternoon in the Woods taken with Hipstamatic.

  Do you still use Hipstamatic on your phone to take photos with an instant funky look?  Hipstamatic was one of the first photo apps I got for my phone and I still really like it.  You never quite know what you are going to get, but it usually a fun photo.   I love all the films and lenses to mess about with. I downloaded the new Dalston Hipstapak this weekend and used it to take some photos while we were exploring in the woods today.  We donned our wellies and trudged about in the undergrowth and the creek, we made a dam and picked up some old creek glass and pottery shards which have been worn smooth by the water over many years. We stood and watched a little woodpecker make his way up a tree pecking out bugs as he went. I hope you managed to get outside for a while this weekend.      

Ten on the 10th June 2013

For this month’s ten on the tenth, I decided to use Hipstamatic and use ‘shake to random’, so I don’t have to spend time agonizing over the best film lens combo. Some seem to have turned out well and some a bit crazy. My Hipstamatic seemed to like the bonkers Salvador film today! I have put the film/lens combo under each picture. Melodie and Ina’s 1982 This casual sign on the beach makes me smile in a nervous manner. The nonchalant mention of seals, jellyfish, sharks, strong currents….. Should it not read seals, jellyfish, SHARKS (aaarrrrrggghhhhh), strong currents? Tinto 1848 and BlacKeys B&W Bodhi trying to catch a shark James M and Rock BW-11 My reading matter even though the beach was bloody freezing! Salvador 84 and Big Up Crazy bonkers photo of the Chatham Light. Salvador 84 and AO BW Very pretty flowers made creepy I think I cheated here and forgot to shake to random. Watts and RTV Ice? GSQUAD and Rock BW-11 Shark! Salvador 84 and Blanko The fish market was open …

Ten on the 10th

I am so happy it isn’t raining today for ten on the 10th photos. I was beginning to think it was going to be rainy on the 10th of every month!  So in the monthly tradition of taking ten photos on the 10th day, here are ten photos.  All taken on the iPhone 4. I literally stopped and turned around to get a photo of this dew soaked leaf.   A flower spotted on the way into the Y this morning.   Bags all ready for the Mother’s Day Plant sale at school.  The kids all get a plant to give to their Mama and the opportunity to buy plants and hanging baskets.   We pass this Lilac bush every day and it smells divine! Look at all those teeny tiny flowers.  Beautiful. I was taking a photo for my daily prompt and accidently got my feet and quite liked it!  The effects are provided by Hipstamatic.  New Saltwater sandals!  Love ’em, super comfy.   ‘Stars’  was the ‘photo of the day’.  These are some …

March Photo a Day 2013

A month of bonkers weather and photos to show it!  Day 5 was snowy trees, followed by a chair in the sunshine!  I photo’ed favourite things and books I am reading (nearly finished Astrid and Veronika and I highly recommend it).  We have had Spring break, eleven inches of snow and saw the month out with Easter which was dry and sunny!  Here are the photos. Day 1. L is for… Day 2. I made this.  Rainbow necklace. Day 3. Key. Day 4. Lucky.  I found these Latin language cards in a junk shop.  A lucky find! Day 5. Under.  The snowy trees at the park. Day 6. Chair. Day 7. Fear.  Ever fear that you don’t know the answer to this? Day 8. Favourite Day 9. Faceless Self Portrait Day 10. I want… to read this book in peace and quiet. Day 11. Important.  Spices for curry. Day 12. In the distance. Day 13. Sound. Day 14. Tasty. Day 15. Explore. Day 16. 9 o clock.  Reading bedtime story, ‘The Brixton Brothers’ book 1. …

Snow, snow and snow

I went a little Hipstamatic crazy on Monday when we got a ton of snow. I just ‘shook to random’ for a bunch of snow day photos and ended up with these.   The next day there was even more snow!  The woods were a whole new place with heavy branches across paths and even fallen trees blocking our snowy way.   Then we made Snow Henge!  Once we had rolled one giant snowball, we couldn’t stop.  Rolled and rolled until we could no longer push them.  

Ten on Sunday the 10th. February 2013

It is raining today, but getting 10 photos shouldn’t be a problem. This morning started off with a big thunderstorm and lots of rain. I found about 10 pairs of 3D glasses in the drawer, so Bodhi decided to put as many on as would stay! ‘Snack packs’ of Custard Cremes with a cup of tea. My first cookery book ‘My learn to Cook Book’ circa nineteen seventy something. I love the illustrations and 1970’s ingredients like cochineal! Yum, beetles… I remembers making lots of recipes from this book with the cooking cat and dog. A Knicker-bocker Glory was a birthday must. New gym togs is always motivation. I can’t wait for step class tomorrow! A montage for a guest post I wrote today. Link to the post coming this week! Very exciting and quite an honor being allowed to write for someone else’s blog. The boys of the house watched the rugby this morning. When it had stopped raining they went out to play. They came back a bit muddy. Batman looks a bit …

September 2012 Photo A Day

September has been the first month I have done the photo a day ‘challenge’ thrown down by Chantelle at Fat Mum Slim blog.   Each day has a word or phrase and off we go and snap a photo to fit.  I used my iPhone 4 for all of the photos and various apps to take the photo or to add finishes to liven the shots up! As I take the photos, they get popped into Instagram (@catseatdogsmakes) and I post on Twitter (@catseatdogsmake). I have also brought them all together here today! There are a couple missing as I have them on Instagram, but they got lost from my phone camera roll and I am not smart enough to get them from Insta onto my computer and into the blog – doh!  I have put some Fat Mum Slim photos and some Hipstamatic here, for a bit of variety.  I have written with are Hipstamatic and the rest are FMS. September in Pictures. T Day 1. ‘You now’ FMS theme. Untangling a GI Joe …