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September 2012 Photo A Day

September has been the first month I have done the photo a day ‘challenge’ thrown down by Chantelle at Fat Mum Slim blog.   Each day has a word or phrase and off we go and snap a photo to fit.  I used my iPhone 4 for all of the photos and various apps to take the photo or to add finishes to liven the shots up!

As I take the photos, they get popped into Instagram (@catseatdogsmakes) and I post on Twitter (@catseatdogsmake).

I have also brought them all together here today!

There are a couple missing as I have them on Instagram, but they got lost from my phone camera roll and I am not smart enough to get them from Insta onto my computer and into the blog – doh!  I have put some Fat Mum Slim photos and some Hipstamatic here, for a bit of variety.  I have written with are Hipstamatic and the rest are FMS.

September in Pictures.


Day 1. ‘You now’ FMS theme. Untangling a GI Joe so Bodhi can throw him off the lawn!

Day 2.  ‘Father’ Making model planes is a top father/son activity in our house.

Day 3.  ‘Burn’  This was a ‘Hipstamatic theme.  The tree was burned to a crisp in the summer heat.

Day 5.  ‘Bright’ Jar of beads

Day 6.  ‘Calm’ Hipstamatic theme 6, lovely mushroom we found in the woods.

Day 7.  ‘Natural’  Mother of pearl button blanks, beautiful collection of buttons before they were given holes.

Day 8. ‘Unpredictable’  Hipstamatic theme.  This is my unpredictable, but still going strong (ish) lawnmower!

Day 10.  ‘Trendy’ Hipstamatic theme, what a wonderful and out of date word ‘Trendy’ is.  I think these beads might be trendy, but who knows!

Day 10.  ‘Black and White’, our French Bulldog, leaping up to grab a tennis ball I was holding.

Day 11.  ‘View’  The blue sky and the leaves of the seating area at a local park.  We were waiting for the food trucks to set up so we could get dinner!

Day 12.  ‘Together’  These doors are local to me and I wonder if the Brain Surgery is a secret door or actual Brain Surgeons…

Day 13.  ‘Table’  This is my grandma’s table where we used to eat every meal when we visited.  Now I use it to store my creative bits and bobs.  Mainly jars of bead mixes and various paraphenelia!

Day 14.  ‘Inspire’  Some bead mixes I made for Autumn/Winter jewelry at catseatdogs jewelry design.

Day 15.  ‘Journey’ Hot air balloons and Canada geese.  I literally saw the geese fly over with the balloons, opened the camera on my phone and this is what I got.  I added a couple of finishes in Camera +.

Day 16.  ‘Strange’  It is not strange at all to be wearing a Halloween cossie in September in our house!

Day 18.  ‘Cool’ Hipstamatic theme.  I love the lens and film combinations on Hipstamatic and this picture was a morning walk through the woods.

Day 18.  ‘Price’ Fat Mum Slim theme.  I love to shop at Trader Joes and what better than chocolate spread.

Day 19.  ‘Underneath’  We have two pumpkins growing in our ‘patch’.  This one is nestled underneath the umbrella leaves.

Day 20. ‘Man-made’ I bunched a load of my rings together for this theme.

Day 21.  ‘Sometimes’ ….. a giant Jilly’s Cupcake is needed!

Day 22.  ‘Up’  One of the magnificent Stag sculptures at Tower Grove Park, St Louis.  Snapped while we were at the Farmer’s Market.

Day 23.  ‘Before Bedtime’  Ok, I took this way before bedtime!  Still we did go and see the sea lions at the St Louis Zoo ‘before bedtime’.

Day 24.  ‘3 Things’  I was send these three beautiful heads by the amazing           Kate McKinnon.  I just like to look at them, they are so darn cool!

Day 26.  ‘Near’  Pablo likes his tennis ball near, so that he can pounce on it!

Day 27.  ‘Love/Hate.  My hair is a constant love/hate affair!  I sometimes love the colour, sometimes hate the long fringe as it tickles my eyeballs.

Day 28.  ‘A Good Thing’  This blueberry smoothie was a very good thing!  I whizzed frozen blueberries, milk, ice cream and honey together – ta da!

Day 29.  ‘Frame’ Hipstamatic theme.  I drew a heart in the sand and put a frame around it!

Day 29.  ‘Errand’  We spotted this skeleton running an errand in his truck today when we visited the garden centre.

Day 30.  ‘You, Then’  Last one for September!  Me in 1972!

I love these themes, both the Fat Mum Slim and the Hipstamatic, ‘Make Beautiful’ ideas.   Looking forward to October, Fall, Halloween, leaves and pumpkins galore!

This is a fun project which takes as long as you want to spend on each photo and gets the creativity flowing into every day.

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