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‘I Like’ Friday. The planting, reading, sketching and eating edition


Lots of things to like this week. Flowers starting to bloom on the trees being a big thing to like.  Here are some more things to like this fine Friday.

This soup from Meet Me At Mikes looks like an essential.  I just need to find fresh tumeric which I have never used before, I have only had dealings with the bright yellow powder.

I bought this book called Urban Watercolor Sketching by Felix Scheinberger and it is gorgeous as well as full of information.  More guidance than instruction and tons of inspiration.

At last I have managed to read a book this year and now I am on my second.  This one is a great read, it is All the Birds in the Sky by Charlie Jane Anders.  It  is a little bit magic and a little bit science.

These DIY affirmation cards look so lovely, I want to have a go at making a deck for myself.

After taking this  Sketching class at Skillshare, I am feeling a little more confident in my outdoor drawing and sketching in general.  It is amazing how much improvement you see just by doing something everyday, even for a short time.

It looks like Spring is springing, so time to decide which veggies to plant, I have some seeds in tiny pots in the basement and I will get some more leafy veg when the warm weather is here.  I have found a great seed supplier local to me  and they also do mail order. Yay for Seed Geeks.

I hope you are having a great Friday and looking forward to the weekend.

Happy Friday x

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