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Weekly Photos 6/52

Dried Hydrangea

Full Moon

Walnut Shell

Ginger cookies


Home made Pizza

Fairy Tale


1.  I pass these dried Hydrangeas almost every day and I love how they still look so gorgeous even when they are all dry.

2. I snapped the full moon this week.  Look at the mega bright star just above it!

3. We found this walnut shell on the way to school and thought it looked like an owl.

4. I made some ginger molasses cookies.

5. A selection of the smells we will be using to make body balm and solid perfumes.  I can’t wait to get making and testing!

6. I also make pizza for dinner, mine is piled up with onions, mushrooms and kale.

7. I am loving the Tinkerlab February challenge, this one was following the prompt ‘Fairytale’.  I found an old paperback of Hans Christian Andersen tales at an estate sale so I drew in it!

Have a wonderful and fantastic week!


  1. first thought… owl!

    looks like a nice selection of scents!

    kale on the pizza! i laughed. next thing you know i’ll be doing that too. i seriously do not even know who i am any more. KALE!

  2. Love these pictures! My grandfather used to make all kinds of things with walnuts including little owls he would shellac.

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