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Grey Hair, Don’t Care.


Processed with VSCOcam with se1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with se1 preset

Here I am to report on the hair situation. It is all grey, not even a teeny bit of dye left, it has been that way for a couple of months now and I like it!

I also like that I don’t have to dye it at all ever ever ever again, although I have been thinking about going purple which may colour the grey bits or it may not.  Either way purple would be a temporary move.

At the beginning of the summer, I wondered if the sun and heat would alter the colour at all, make it yellow or dry it to a frizz, but I seem to have got away with it because neither has happened.  Phew!

It is in great condition and I am super happy about that even when it is at it’s most floppy and unco-operative, bearing in mind that in my world of hair styling, unruly hair means it won’t tuck beind my ear and stay out of my eyes.

Did you see that Kate Middleton has a few greys (she may have had them covered by royal appointment by now of course)?  All kinds of people getting their knickers in a knot over that. Isn’t it funny how people are criticised for their ‘natural’ look.  No-one gets all hot under the collar if we don’t wear make-up, so why should hair be any different?   I don’t know if more people are letting their hair go natural or whether I am just more aware of it because I took the decision to stop dyeing mine.

I recently started using shampoo especially for grey hair which is not easy to get hold of!  I just wanted to use a regular drugstore brand shampoo formulated for grey instead of the $16 a bottle fancy stuff.  I found Pantene Silver Expressions and bought the shampoo and conditioner which I wasn’t sure was doing anything apart from leaving blue blobs wherever I washed my hair! Both products are blue, but they don’t color anything blue.  However when I look back at photos from a few months ago my hair did seem to have a slight yellow touch to it which it doesn’t now, so maybe it is the shampoo or maybe just how it ends up naturally as the grey develops and settles.

I also use a hair oil (Suave Moroccan Hair oil is the one I use) every time I wash my hair.  I just dry my hair to damp, then squirt 4 or 5 blobs of oil onto my hands and work it into my hair.  It never feels oily as it soaks right in.  In fact hair oil is something I want to make myself, so when I get a good recipe I will be sure to share.

As for styling, I just wash, tuck it behind my ears and go!  I know, I am a hair stylist’s nightmare!!

Oh, the sunnies are from Zero UV in case you where wondering.  They have lots of super fun styles!



  1. Amy Tilley says

    I have never died my grays and never will!!! I love a sexy silver head.

    • Good plan! The condition is so much better too. You hardly have any grey, just a little bit of distinguished here and there.

    • It is so great! Such a difference after a hundred years (!) of dyeing. Hair oil is great, I am still trying to find a water/oil balance that I can make myself without creating a greasy mop.

    • Thanks Robyna. I am surprised I managed to grow it all out without a look back to be honest, when it had the half and half look, it wasn’t so great!

    • Thanks Isabel and thanks for reminding me to write where the glasses are from! I just added an update.

  2. Love it! You are my hair inspiration. I am currently touching up my roots every fortnight. I look forward to the day when I don’t have to dye any more but I’m just not quite ready yet. Oh and those glasses!!

    • I never just did roots Deb because the colour faded so quickly, so I was all over dyeing every month at least. Poor poor hair. You will know when to stop! I had a white runway within days of colouring…..

  3. I cannot wait until I feel comfortable enough to go fully grey. I’ve had grey hair since I was 23 but continue dying it because I like being brunette but I just know I will be rocking a full head of grey one day soon just like you Clare 🙂

  4. Hi Clare, (I am also a Clare 🙂 ). I made the decision to stop dying my hair at Christmas. It was long (half way down my back) and had been dyed all sorts of shades over the past year (plum was my favourite) but because of that, leaving it to grow out wasn’t a great option, so I cut it all off! I have had a very short, natural hairstyle since and I LOVE it! I am only 37 and I don’t have a lot of greys yet, but when I do, I *really* want mine to look like yours!
    Thank you for posting 🙂

    • Hi Clare! What a change from long to very short, good for you. Isn’t it lovely not to have to bother with hair dye?! Mine took about a year to grow out (it has been about this length the whole time). It is always interesting to see where the grey falls and how much! Thanks for popping by.

  5. WOW Clare! Good on you! I haven’t yet been willing to accept the whole, entire grey thing …yet, but I am definitely on my way towards it though! Just hit over 40 and I keep saying, over 40 I’ll leave it grey, over 45 I’ll leave it grey … I just don’t know what to do. I do however feel very inspired to possibly let it grow and see what gives… Thanks for your grey hair tips with products. I know mine are VERY difficult to control! xo Happy Merry Season!

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