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Pom poms in the Springtime!

Yesterday I made a few pom poms with my new pom pom makers and I can’t believe how quick it is to make these little fluffy cuties with a proper ‘maker’!  I feel like a cheat, but I am sure I will get over that.  So. Darn. Quick.  Hurrah.  I am actually thinking that a pom pom rug might not take the rest of my life now!

Anyway, less rugs, more Spring.

I made some little Springtime critters and of course some carrots for them to eat.

20140416-143605.jpgI started with a pile of pom poms all ready to sew together.





Here’s how.

To make the carrots, I made three poms in graduating sizes and them sewed them together.  I made a very loose pom pom with green wool and cut it unevenly and sewed it on the bigger end to make the carrot leaves.  I trimmed them a little to get a better carrot shape, but not much.  Now we need a bunny to eat the carrots.

The bunny is two pom poms, one big, one small.  They are sewn together loosely with a little white pom pom for the cottontail.  I cut out ears from felt and sewed them on.

The hedgehog friends are single pom poms with a nose made from a felt cone and sewn on.  I trimmed them into a more hedgehoggy shape and set them on their way.

I am sure these pom pom friends would love to help in an Easter egg hunt or take part in an Easter basket!

Do you like to make a pom pom?  What do you make with them?  Anyone know how to even make a rug……?


  1. These are too cute! I would love to make a pom pom rug – I think the beautiful Pip has made one before, Flick x

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