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Through The Lens Thursday 16. Together

I am hiding out in the library sitting on a nice squishy chair with a little round table to write on and keep the books I have already chosen to check out. We are fully into the Spiderwick Chronicles, so I have book 2 ‘The Seeing Stone’ and a couple of Tony DiTerlizzi books to have a look at too.

My house is full of the noise of a bathroom being re-done – drilling, crashing and some swearing.
So here I am in the lovely library putting together my Through The Lens Thursday post.
This week was ‘Together’, and as I gathered my mid morning frothy coffee equipment, I thought they were the perfect ‘together’. I make the coffee in a Chemex, froth up the milk in my metal frother thingy and serve it in my favourite coffee cup. Ta da!

Do you have specific mugs or cups for tea or coffee? I totally do, some of my mugs I would never drink tea from and some would never contain coffee! For instance, I would never ever have tea in this coffee cup. Never.
Are you doing Through the Lens Thursday or another photo challenge?  Do share!  Are you strange like me and only drink certain drinks from certain vessels?


  1. My daughter is reading The Spiderwick Chronicles right now too. Love that photo. I guess I kinda do that with cups too. I use a travel cup for my coffee because it stays nice and hot as I take too long to sip. I also have a mug that is a little daintier than most I like for tea.

  2. Hi Clare. I’m not a coffee drinker, but I do have my favorite tea cups! I am participating in a photography challenge that’s just once a month. It’s a link party too and I’ve had some great and really helpful feedback. The host always takes time to give a critique and includes some very informative articles about the topic. This month was macro photography. It is called The May topic is color. You should check it out!

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