NaBloPoMo 2014, Through The Lens Thursday
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Through The Lens Thursday #47. Gloom.

TTLT #47 Gloom



I can’t believe that we are into the last 10 weeks of the year and this project.  I will soon have 52 photos taken from each week of this year,  following the prompts thought up by Through The Lens originators Alison of Writing Wishing and Greta of GFunkified.

This week’s prompt is ‘Gloom’ and although the weather this week has been cold, it isn’t gloomy at all, the sun has been out and the skies blue.

Then I thought about the ‘creepy bridge’  the nearby bridge over the creek where we go and adventure all the time.  We call this bridge the ‘creepy bridge’ because from certain angles (and I usually focus on these angles) the bridge is just a regular bridge over a creek with some cool reflections and natural features, but look to the other side and there are dropped concrete blocks from some old construction and graffiti all over it which changes regularly.   When the boys were little they named it the ‘creepy bridge’ and it still is known as that in our house.

So today I snapped the ‘creepy bridge’ with it’s good and bad side with a twinkle of the sun reflecting off the water.

Next week’s prompt is ‘Clear’.


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