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Get Messy Season of Reflection week 1

For this season I explored the Japanese stab stitch book binding technique.  I have to admit that I have always looked past this method as I didn’t think it would be a great journal binding as it doesn’t lay flat readily.  I always thought it looked too bulky to work with the papers I like to journal on and I was right, it would not work very well with a  watercolor paper even though I am sure it could be persuaded to open flat. So I explored some different papers. I followed the advice of the experts and went for the four hole binding to start with and I used a soft unbleached mulberry paper and my trusty waxed linen thread.  It opens nicely and I like the folds at the outside edge of the book. This technique does not require folded signatures, you can use single sheets or folded sheets with the fold at the spine or the open edge.  I am thinking of all the possibilities to be had with this book binding …

Photo a Day November 2014

  1.  Something Blue.  I spotted this lovely painting in an antique mall.  I think she is super pretty.   2.  I saw this!   3.  Weather.  Great weather for drying a washed hedgehog!   4.  Can’t Live Without.   5.  8 o’clock.  A new park from the top of the hill taken on a rare morning run!   6.  Made me Smile today.  Crunchy leaves!   7.  On the Floor. A frosty leaf.   8.  A Place.  The boy’s ‘base’ in the back garden.   9. Heck yes!   10.  I do this every day.  Try to eat some good stuff!   11.  A set.  Vintage mugs.   12.  Normal.  A bunch of flowers given to me by my friend’s kids, a lovely normal.   13.  Letters.  Hand painted snail mail.   14.  For me.  I made a necklace, for me.   15.  Hot + Cold.  Chilly fox in a hot store.   16.  After.  A snowfall.   17.  Cooking.   18.  I love this.  Making new jewels for my Etsy store.   19. …

What I am wearing today.

  The snow is almost all gone and the sun is out today, chilly but blue skies.  I’ll take it! We are almost at the end of National Blog Post Month and I have not missed a day, so proud! Today I had a little swing on the tyre at the end of the garden and thought I would share a little wintery outfit with you. Boots-DSW, Jeans-Goodwill, Jacket-Eye Candy Boutique

Through The Lens Thursday 48. Clear.

      We went to a local State Park yesterday and this lovely creek was perfect for this week’s Through the Lens Thursday prompt which is ‘Clear’.  It snowed the whole time we were hiking and it was a super pretty walk through the trees and across the creeks.  I took these photos at the beginning of the walk when the snow was just starting, by the time we were done there was a couple of inches on the ground. Happy Thanksgiving!  

Weekly Photos 47/52.

            1.  A snowy walk to school on Monday. 2.  New neckace added to my Etsy shop. 3.  Ready to try a new workout. 4.  I have been busy making jewels this week. 5.  Potato chips – instead of a salad – they’re delightful!  An advert from an old newspaper. 6.  Library activities, making button badges and magnets. Here’s looking forward to a great week!

My Childhood Books

I was digging around and found some books from when I was little, I still have a few, some paperbacks, my first cookbook and a ‘Magic Roundabout’ story book! Sadly, I don’t have any books from the ‘Ant and Bee’ series which was my absolute favourite when I was a kid and learning to read. I remember visiting the library and making a beeline (ha! see what I did there) for the ‘Ant and Bee’ books. They were lined up on the top shelf and I gathered all I could and checked them out at the desk where the librarian took the tickets from inside the books and stamped the return date on the label inside the front cover. Remember when libraries were full of tickets and drawers and it was all kept track of by pieces of paper which were taken in and out of books as they were borrowed and returned? Of the books I have, I think I have read most of them to my kids and my youngest and I are …

‘I like’ Fridays

This week I have been brimming with creative inspiration which has been manifesting itself in painted cards, jewelry and letters. I bought some new inks today which took me right back to college days when I was studying for a degree in fashion design and Windsor and Newton inks were one of my favourite illustration tools.  I can’t wait to get playing with them again. The necklace with the orange tassel is about to be put on the shelves of my Etsy shop. These books are inspiring me – The Busy Girls Guide to Photography and The Art of Everyday Photography. These blogs are inspiring me –  Milk Please Mum, Susannah Conway and Hula Seventy. This course is constantly inspiring me –  Paint. Plan. Play. from Studio Calico. These prints and products are calling to me – Orla Kiely for Target. Happy Friday, I hope you are looking forward to the weekend.  Tomorrow I will be doing a Six Word Saturday.  Want to join in?  Please do!

Through The Lens Thursday #47. Gloom.

    I can’t believe that we are into the last 10 weeks of the year and this project.  I will soon have 52 photos taken from each week of this year,  following the prompts thought up by Through The Lens originators Alison of Writing Wishing and Greta of GFunkified. This week’s prompt is ‘Gloom’ and although the weather this week has been cold, it isn’t gloomy at all, the sun has been out and the skies blue. Then I thought about the ‘creepy bridge’  the nearby bridge over the creek where we go and adventure all the time.  We call this bridge the ‘creepy bridge’ because from certain angles (and I usually focus on these angles) the bridge is just a regular bridge over a creek with some cool reflections and natural features, but look to the other side and there are dropped concrete blocks from some old construction and graffiti all over it which changes regularly.   When the boys were little they named it the ‘creepy bridge’ and it still is known …