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Get Messy Season of Reflection week 1

For this season I explored the Japanese stab stitch book binding technique.  I have to admit that I have always looked past this method as I didn’t think it would be a great journal binding as it doesn’t lay flat readily.  I always thought it looked too bulky to work with the papers I like to journal on and I was right, it would not work very well with a  watercolor paper even though I am sure it could be persuaded to open flat. So I explored some different papers.

I followed the advice of the experts and went for the four hole binding to start with and I used a soft unbleached mulberry paper and my trusty waxed linen thread.  It opens nicely and I like the folds at the outside edge of the book.

This technique does not require folded signatures, you can use single sheets or folded sheets with the fold at the spine or the open edge.  I am thinking of all the possibilities to be had with this book binding magic!

Of course I can always make a book any size I like, tall, square, long, skinny, landscape or tiny.  With the Japanese stab stitch, I can also use almost any paper and I love old paper which doesn’t always like to be folded, so that should be fun to try.

So far, I have been filling this one up with mandalas, I can put my template between the pages and paint on the pattern.

I got some straw for my garlic as a winter blanket and turns out it makes a nice background too!

Happy Thursday x


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