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Get Messy Art 101. Week One.





This season of Get Messy Art Journal is all about getting down to the art basics and building  repertoire of techniques and ideas.  The first week was no disappointment, there were tutorials in painting faces and creating backgrounds and lots of mini prompts and ideas pouring out of the Get Messy community!

I put my spin on a background using watercolor and pulled out my trusty gelli plate to add the wishy washy colour to the pages of my sketchbooks and I also printed onto some pages from a vintage typewriting book.

Lots of sketchbooks are essential for me because I always end up starting many pages at the same time and they all need to dry before I carry on to the next layer or page.




I tried various colour palettes and I love these backgrounds.


I added a page to a page and I will continue to layer onto this spread.


These pages started with a self portrait painted on the inside of security envelopes using a sumi brush and black sumi ink.  I prepped the pages with black and white gesso and stuck down the paintings.  Added some doodles and layered some acrylic paint over the pages.

It just goes to show, any paper can be used to make art!

Do you use unconventional papers or supplies?  What is your favorite?

Happy Friday x


  1. sashazeen says

    You’ve created so much beauty, it makes my heart sing! ❤ Love that you took your own spin to it and used a gelli plate!

  2. I love how brave you are with your art, all your experimentation is so good! It must be liberating. I need to take a leaf out of your book and be braver. Thanks for the inspiration! xx

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