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Weekly Photos 2017. 5/52








  1. I saw this rather old jar sticking out of the creek bed as I walked through the woods this week. I wonder what was in it all those years ago?
  2. We spotted this bright lichen on a dog walk this week.
  3. Matching funghi.
  4. I photo’d this church against the city scape with a view to drawing it, I haven’t sketched it yet, but I will (honest).
  5. It has not been super cold this week but this ice was impressive.
  6. This bark which has dried out off the tree looks like paper in a very thick book.
  7. We found this jar in the mud, it contained beauty cream in the 1930’s and there it was, intact but missing the lid which I suppose had disintegrated over eighty years.

I hope you had a lovely week, we found lots of stuff which is always an exciting time in our house!

Happy Monday x



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