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I decided that two 365 projects would be a fun time, and they are!

At the end of 2016 I decided to buy a ‘large’ 8.25″x 5″ Moleskine daily planner with a bright orange cover and every day of 2017 I would art on that day’s page. The first couple of pages were a bit rubbish, but then I relaxed about the whole thing and painted a tea cup on day three.

This planner is my playtime, the place I can experiment and slap colour about with abandon.  I don’t worry that the pages are too thin to hold watercolor or that my favorite pen goes through, because it just means that on the next page I will use collage or start with a layer of acrylic to work on top of.

So far I have used watercolor, collage, acrylic, sumi ink, pen, neon, gelli plate and words.

I am happy to draw or paint or just make some marks or add some colour.  The day is documented sometimes with a little watercolor sketch, whatever comes to mind.

February will continue randomly or I will find a theme, who knows!











Remember I said two 365’s, well here is the other one.  I really wanted to improve my painting skills and confidence, so I thought I would also do a daily painting.  For this project I am using a Strathmore 5oo series Mixed Media book because they have lovely thick paper which will take on watercolor or acrylic or ink and not stress about it.  I am not sure if I will only use these books as I go through the year, maybe I will vary the size, but I am halfway through the current one, so I am looking forward to a collection of sketchbooks by December!

I started in the Strathmore with no direction, I thought I was going to go the way of the Moleskine, a paint whatever comes to mind approach.  I did this for a few days and then I colourblocked the page and using my sumi brush and ink, I painted a simple vase of flowers and on the next page a figure copied from a magazine.  I liked how these pages looked and thought I would carry on through the rest of the month with the colour and ink on top.

The pages ended up mainly faces and figures interspersed with flowers, tea cups and one dog!  Some turned out better than others but that is the whole point is it not?  To make mistakes, turn the page and carry on the next day.

I am taking the project in this book one month at a time and choosing a theme if I want to or allowing the pages to go their own way if that happens.

For February I have decided to use watercolours and paint collections of things on each page, for example – cacti, flowers, birds, saucepans, jugs or people.






That was January, I hope February continues in this theme of daily success.

Are you doing a 365 project?  Art? Writing? Knitting? Do tell. I hope it going well for you whatever you are up to!

Happy Wednesday x


  1. I love the free flow of your paintings….so lovely to have 2 artistic challenges on the go. Looking forward to seeing them both progress…hehe no pressure!!

    • Ha! I feel a bit prematurely proud of myself as I have only completed one month so far. Hopefully I will have a nice pile of sketchbooks by the end of the year.

  2. Clare, these are amazing. I love that you are commiing to a year long project. I imagine it would get easier and easier each day. xo

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