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Through the Lens Thursday. Door.

Well this prompt threw me a little bit, I thought ‘door’ would be easy peasy, but I clearly over-estimated the local door population.  Dull dull doors as far as the eye can see.

If I was in the village I grew up in, there would have been the church doors, many of interest, stable doors on the local farm, heck some of the residential doors are old and interesting. Alas, no cool doors around here, so I plumped for my shed door adorned with toys which I used for my little toy post yesterday.  I think it needs a lick of paint….

Of course, now I will be spotting interesting doors left and right!

Got any interesting doors near you? What about a trap door? How cool would that be!

Thanks again for the prompt Alison and Greta who invented Through the Lens Thursday to challenge everyone’s manual camera techniques.

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