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100 days of Creative Ideas 21-30

21. Choose a page from a magazine and cover part of it with white paint or gesso. Cover half the page or just make a circle in the middle. When the white is completely dry, get a black pen-Posca pens are my choice-and make a pattern in the newly painted area.

22. Find an old used book at a thrift store or a yard sale.  Use it as a sketchbook! Draw and paint in it as you would a regular sketchbook.

23. Pick an object. Set a timer for 1 minute. Draw!

24. Very loosely paint a group of trees along a riverbank on one side of the paper. Fold over the other side to get the ‘reflection’. I used coloured inks to make mine. Remember to work quickly before the ink or paint dries before you get the fold done.

25. Use dashes across the page to create wave-like movement. I used coloured pencils in a close colour palette.

26. Cut a photograph out of an old book, use an original vintage photo, or a copy of one. Draw a dramatic mask onto the face.  This is one of my favorites so far, I just want to draw masks everywhere!

27. Draw some leaves, find reference in nature, a book, the internet or your imagination. Fill a page with lots of variety or all the same.

28. Draw a page of stylized leaves and make patterns inside each leaf. Black and white or colour, you decide!

29. Let’s play! Grab some paints and use your fingers to apply them. Have fun!  Repeat as needed.

30. Write and send a letter to a friend or a family member. How about a letter to an ‘online’ friend?  Snail mail win!

Are you doing the 100 Day Project?  How’s it going? Very well I hope, we are nearly a third of the way through.

If you want to follow my creative ideas every day, I post on Instagram at #100daysofcreativeideas.


  1. Such lovely creative ideas, I think they might really help to get the juices flowing when I’m feeling a bit blocked or stuck. Thaks for sharing them! ❤

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