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Weekly photos 2017 17/52


One photo this week! I can’t believe I have not taken any pictures apart from photos of stuff for the 100 day project to post on Instagram.  I clearly need to get out more!

I took this very bad shot because I am having my hair cut this week and I have decided to get lots chopped off.  Not super short but most likely jaw length, maybe a little longer.  So I thought I would have a look at how it looks now before the cut!

I never ever ever wear it down because it gets in the way and I will tie it up within minutes and I am not sure about the long grey hair look for me.  The grey hair in a ponytail or wrapped into a mini bun I like, but I want something different, so that means a few inches off.

I can’t believe I have kept it long for such a long time, I usually grow it down to about shoulder length then get it cut short then grow again and so the cycle carries on.  This is the first time I have had long grey hair and I am not sure I love it enough to keep.  Lazy hair is my motivation for keeping it long I am sure, it is just easy to pop into a pony and be on your way.  I am the laziest hair person ever and I am never going to spend ages styling my hair, so it still has to be easy but now I am ready for a bit different and easy!

Maybe next week I will have more photos and even one of my new do!

Happy Monday x

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