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Art journaling, bookmaking and sketching.

I felt like I was neglecting my little art journal for the Season of Play at Get Messy this week. So one evening I picked it up along with some collage pieces I had chosen, cut out and left to one side. Rather than wait for inspiration to strike I decided to just go for it and make a page with these ladies, a constellation map and some butterflies with a few swipes of paint.                                                                                                                                                        I have also just signed up for Sketchbookery so I did a little sketching practice on this page too in the form of a flower blind contour drawing or three.

Of course once I start in my art journal another page wants to be made and then another!

This one is continuing the lines of contour drawing with some collage elements.

I made these gelli prints last week and I wanted them in my art journal but I didn’t want to overwhelm them with other elements, so I made some rings with the cut off parts of the prints and glued them down. I just love these transfer prints made with the gelli plate.

To accompany my new sketching practice I made a sketchbook using a vintage French text book cover. I am not sure where this gem came from but I am pretty certain it was an estate sale somewhere here in St Louis.

I carefully removed the book block which I will use for other projects, taped the inside of the spine to strengthen it and picked out the paper I wanted to use for my sketchbook.

I love making my own sketchbooks from choosing the cover to the paper which goes inside. The process is so satisfying and working in a sketchbook with this fabulous cover is such a joy.                                                                                                                                      This book has hot press watercolour paper alongside a few pages of kraft paper. Some of the watercolour pages are fold outs  and some are half the regular page height, which is another joy of making your own book, you are in charge of the size, weight and colour of the papers.

I hope you are enjoying whatever you are creating!

Happy Thursday x






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