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Consistency or not consistency? That is the question.

Is it though, I mean of course there is consistency in the regularity with which I am making art but is the art consistent?  Is there a cohesion between the things I make every day?

In some there is and in some there isn’t, maybe it doesn’t even look like I made it.  I think this often happens when I am following an instruction from a class or a tutorial.  I am trying to get the technique right so I wonder if I miss my own style for a beat or two while I learn something new?

Or do we maintain our style and cohesion even when learning something new?

Looking through these pieces, I see a style (I think) in most of them, but I think where it wanders off is in the flowers and I wonder if this is because I am following instructions for this class and I am learning lots of new things which haven’t got my stamp on them yet.

These watery ladies are new to me and inspired by Jane Davenport’s new book Fabulous Figures. I want to practice them more and develop my own ladies.

I am trying to sketch more so I did these in my little Moleskine Art Plus sketchbook while I waited at the hairdressers.

The colour swatches are part of one of my 365 projects, don’t worry, the skull mentioned was plastic!

Looking at this mini collection of art through a week, I wonder what a week of using the same colour palette would look like or a week of working on the same paper or using the same medium?

Do you make art?  Have you spotted your style?  Did you develop it or let it evolve?

Happy Monday x


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