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Get Messy Season of Contrast Week 6

The last week of the Season of Contrast has come around so quickly. There have been so many great ideas through the prompts and tutorials, I have not kept up, but that just means a wealth of ideas for me to try in future pages.




I am new convert (as of a few hours ago) to paper weaving.  The effects are amazing and I am so new to it, most of what I have done so far (see above) came mainly as a surprise.

The process for me is still evolving, but I am loving it so far.  I applied a little planning and then let the papers do the work.

For the weaving I used magazine pages and images, a vintage dictionary page and a 1950’s accounts ledger book as well as a painted page from an old book.

None of it has made it to my journal yet, the ledger will stay as it is and I may add to the page, but it could be finished now in my opinion.

Thanks to Get Messy Art Journal and Ashley for the fabulous tutorial.

Happy Thursday x


  1. anrodgers28 says

    I’m so happy you enjoyed the tutorial, Clare! I find paper weaving so relaxing and the results are always fun. I love the ones you’ve done so far, especially the one where you incorporated the dictionary page. Gorgeous!

  2. Amazing Clare, I saw Ashley’s tutorial as well & have been thinking about giving it a go…I’m definitely going to find some magazine pictures to use as it looks stunning, well done you!!

  3. I haven’t done paper weaving since I was a kid- I love what you’ve done here! Especially the one with the sky and newspaper behind it. Beautiful!

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