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The 100 Day Project 2016


What could you make/create/invent for one hundred days straight?  What do you want one hundred of?

Pages in a novel (it would be a great start to a book!).

Learn a foreign word.

Make a pattern every day.

Use one colour in a photo or a sketch.

Sketch a face.

Photograph the same scene – see how and if it changes.

Make an altered playing card collection.

Design an alphabet.

Run a mile (100 miles would be an impressive achievement).

Invent a recipe (another book in the making).

All kinds of things you could do and by one hundred of them you would be pretty good I think.

I did the 100 day project last year and I drew/made or photographed a mandala a day and it was a very good project.  Over one hundred days, you really get into it and turn out some wonderful things and some rather terrible things, but the main thing is to keep doing these things until you have achieved that one hundred day point. My mandalas are all over at Instagram under  #100daysofmakingmandalas if you fancy a peek.

This year I have decided to make 100 altered playing cards, I have a box of random playing cards and every day I will pull one out and draw on it or cut it out or paint on it or maybe sew on some too.  Who knows what I will be doing by the end!

I have chosen the hashtag #100daysofalteredcardsbycatseatdogs to accompany me along the way.  Every day I will post my card on Instagram and I will use this hashtag to gather all of the pictures together.

Are you participating?  Do you know what you are going to make or do?  Share your hashtag and Instagram name and I will follow along with you.


All the details are at Elle Luna’s Instagram here.

Happy Wednesday x



  1. I had never hear of “the hundred day project”. Sounds exciting and probably quite hard?! Was it hard to persist that long? I look forward to following along on Insta. I might try writing for 100 days…

    • Some days it was hard to fit in, but once you get into the groove, you keep going, especially once you get into the higher numbers and have a growing body of work!

  2. I was wondering what kind of things people did for this challenge. I did look at the hashtag but still didn’t get a good handle on it. Pefect timing Clare, thanks, and I am looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

  3. I’d love to do something like this, but fear I that as I soon as I miss a day, I’d give up. Are there any rules if you miss a day?

    • Hi Collette, I missed many days last year, but just caught up with two (or more) the next day. Once you end up with more than one to do in a day, it is pretty good incentive to do it daily! There are no rules I don’t think, just do what you can when you can. It is a good project, it is amazing what you can you once you start.

  4. I read this & thought what a great idea…then thought NO I have too many other projects that I’m already juggling….then took another look (haha that always means trouble, the second look!). I love the idea of learning something new every day & I definitely want to keep my brain active so I think that is what I’m going to do, thank you Clare.
    I’m loving your idea of using playing cards & looking forward to seeing what you come up with…. I’ll add that to my ‘want to try list’!!

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