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Weekly Photos 13/52






This week saw a fifth grade field trip, new perfumes, cleaning up the local woods and park and a sunny hike on Sunday.  Not bad!

1. I helped out with the fifth grade field trip to ‘Junior Achievement BizTown’ on Monday.  The kids all had jobs and ran a ‘business’ for the day.  My team at Ameren/Peabody were great, they had a good day and worked hard.

2 & 3. I am working on some new scents for solid perfumes which is always super fun.  I really like the orange blossom and basil one. These solid scents are great to chuck in your gym bag for a quick uplift and they are perfect for travel because they are not liquid, and they are home made so I can mix up my own scent combination.

4. It was a lovely sunny morning on Saturday for the REI and Brentwood Parks annual clean up. We all got started with a coffee and a doughnut, grabbed a massive trash bag and off we went.  The woods and creek have acquired more litter than is ideal due to storms and floods and of course careless folk, but by the time we were munching on hot dogs for lunch, it was good as new and Brentwood trash collection had a pile of full rubbish bags to haul away.

5. Another sunny day on Sunday, so we went for a hike at Castlewood State park which was rather busy but still a good afternoon out.  I spotted this tree waving out over the landscape!

I hope you had a good week and a nice sunny one is on the way for you.

Happy Monday x




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