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‘I like’ Friday. Art Journaling Supplies.


I have been reading a lot lately about the supplies people like to use in their art journaling. These posts are inspiring and helpful all at once, so I thought I would add my two pennies worth and write a post about what I like to use.

As I have only been art journaling deliberately for a couple of months, I suspect the supplies I rely on will change and develop over the next months.  I look forward to how my supplies evolve.


Of course the first thing we need to journal is a sketchbook.  I have filled a Strathmore 500 series book which has very nice heavy paper and I have just started a Ranger Dylusions sketchbook which has heavy paper too, but is a little thicker.  I can’t wait to fill it up! These are both larger books, 8″x 11″ give or take a quarter of an inch. I like to have lots of space to play with, so I like this size.


Pens pens pens.  I use Micron pens in almost everything I do, so of course art journaling is no exception.  They are most effective on a smooth surface though, so I also use a gel ball pen for writing and doodling. I find they move and flow over an uneven surface better than the Microns.  The white pens are great over a colored background.  The nicest paint pens I have used are the Sharpie pens.  Sakura Gelly rolls are a finer pen for writing and drawing.


These are all paints at a reasonable price and I use them all the time.  The watercolor palette is from Michaels craft store and I love the selection of colours in it.  The acrylics are from Target’s Handmade Modern section and again there are a ton of colours to choose from.  They are not top of the range so I think they allow more play with less pressure which is always a good thing!


I knew nothing whatsoever about gesso until this year.  I even pronounced it wrong (the horror!).  I have mixed feelings about it to be honest, I like that it gives a good background to work on, but I am not always mad about the texture it leaves.  I am sure as I become more skilled in art journaling, I will master it.  However I do really like black gesso, either all over a page or in blocks.  The black works like a chalk board and is fabulous with the white pens over it.

The matt medium is what I mainly use as adhesive, I can slap it all over to stick things down and it dries matt, so it is not invasive on the page.


To apply paint and gesso I have a variety of brushes.  The fat square brush is the one I use for gesso and I also use the gift card which gives a smoother surface.  I picked up the stencil brush at a yard sale and I love to use it because it is a nice big brush and a great texture giver. Other brushes I use include the sumi brush (next to the white handled brush) which is lovely with ink and watercolours to paint words and patterns.


In the ‘other supplies’ section, I use ink pads for stamps and I like to use waterproof ink so that if another layer is added, the stamped images don’t get all smudged and ruined.  Same with ink I use to paint and write with, always waterproof.

Masking fluid has magical powers in my opinion, I paint it on with a regular brush and I use watercolour over it.  When I remove it with the rubber pick up (the square under the ink) the paper under it has no paint so it makes the final image really stand out.  Kind of a batik effect but on paper.


Last but not least, paper ephemera.  I haven’t used many modern magazine images in my pages so far, but I have ripped lots out of old National Geographic magazines.  I also use old books, music scores, maps and old magazines.  I especially love the vintage movie magazines which feature the film stars of the time.  Wonderful stuff.

Happy creating and Happy Friday!  Wishing you a wonderful weekend x


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