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‘I Like’ Friday. The natural grey edition.


I decided to grow out my grey a couple of years ago, inspired by a good friend of mine who has the most gorgeous grey hair.  I was pushed to bite the bullet when some online friends decided they were going to embark on the same ship.  We pushed off and ditched the dye.

I wrote a post when I started my journey here and I updated as I sailed along and I landed on grey hair island happy as a clam.

Even though growing out hideous roots is an aesthetically painful process, best bet is to avoid mirrors and heaven forbid, no photos!  There is one photo of me at a friend’s party and my hair looks just awful, but I was almost half way by that time, so I  looked away and carried on.

As my hair grew, the red dye (what was I thinking) faded too, so the contrast became less.  I still wasn’t prepared for the final colour though.  What I wasn’t prepared for was how much I loved it.  My fabulous hairdresser supported me every step, no talk of colour at all and I thank her for that.

The other thing I wasn’t expecting was how my hair is changing colour still.  I have grown it longer which I like and I want it a little longer, just to see!


So I save money on dye and I get to use blue shampoo made specifically for grey/silver hair!

The only side effect has been that I need to wash my hair more regularly as it has resorted to it’s oily beginnings.  Now I have stopped abusing my tresses with constant chemicals, I should be happy to give it a wash before the extra shine hits!


I hope that you are liking your hair this Friday!

Have a fab weekend.





  1. you know i LOVE your hair!
    i was in the apothecary this week a much older lady looked at me and gave me a nod of approval, no words just the knowing nod. it’s like we’re in a special club, like a motorcycle gang but for grey hair. it makes us kinda badass.

  2. Hey Silver sister, these photos of you are just beautiful. I too am loving my decision to show my true colours. I think it’s funny after all these years of dyeing my hair that I like it now more than I have for a LONG time. It’s kind of handy that silver hair is “cool” right now…go us!

    • Thanks Emily, nothing worse than trying to get a decent photo of yourself, by yourself! I look at my very very dodgy colour of a couple of years ago and want to slap myself!

  3. Love your hair! I have a bit of colour in mine – just to give it a lift from its natural brown. My man has been going grey for quite a while and is close to completely silver now that he nears his half century. Thankfully he’s never been tempted to hit the (hair dye) bottle!

  4. I stopped dying my hair when I got pregnant with my daughter eight years ago now. So at least I won’t have to go through any growing out stages, but I am yet to see how I am going to look with grey hair – at this stage I still have dark brown hair with the greys just starting to show through. Yours looks great! But I wonder if I will look so good – I have been told that there are ‘good’ greys and ‘bad’ greys in terms of setting off skin tone. I have no idea what I have and whether it will work on me. Can’t see myself going back to dye though! xx

    • I know what you mean, you never really know what you will get. I started going grey in my twenties and have dyed it ever since until I stopped a couple of years ago. So I suppose it had plenty of time to develop under all the dye!

  5. Sarah says

    I absolutely adore your hair and I am seeing more and more women embrace their greyness. I think it certainly adds to a woman, not detracts from her. It says “I have been round the block and I know a thing or two. I have lived life, I am wise.” Thanks for sharing your story. xx

  6. Love your grey hair! Tho am sure you know by now I am biased being a grey gal too… Tis such a relief to not have to worry about colouring it all time and I just love that I am no longer subjecting my body to all those chemicals on such a regular basis… your grey is a stunning colour and I especially love the darker grey bit at the front… #silverfox!

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