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A Christmas holiday coloring sheet. Star Mandala.

Star Mandala

As we are hurtling towards the Christmas period at great speed with a glass in one hand and wrapping paper in the other, I thought you might enjoy a coloring sheet.  Feel free to print it off and grab your pens or paints or crayons or all of the above and relax for a few minutes and colour some lovely stars.  Click here to get the printable or on the above image.

Here are a few ideas for your coloring-

Make all the stars a different colour.

Only colour or paint around the stars and leave them white.

Start with dark colours and work your way out from the middle using lighter and lighter colours and create an ombre star mandala.

Make a different pattern in each star.

Join all the stars together with a line then colour them in.

Print the sheet onto card stock, cut it up and make a puzzle from it.

Print onto card stock, fold in half and give as a card (I did that, they are cute ‘coloring in’ cards!)

Print one for the whole family or party and let everyone have a fun coloring time.

Use them as placemats and provide pencils or crayons to colour at a meal.

Whatever you do with the sheet, I know it will be fabulous, so enjoy!  If you want, you can share your results on Instagram, I am catseatdogsmakes.

Happy Wednesday!

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