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One+Four=Life. Weekly Photos 49/52.


Frosty mornings are upon us and last week was chock full of them.  By the afternoon it is usually milder though when the sun has been out all day.  I like the crunchy mornings with hats and gloves and a brisk walk to school.


At the weekend we went to the Farmer’s Market at Schlafly Brewery and picked up some lovely mushrooms from Ozark Forest Mushroom farm. These are heading for a noodle soup. I also bought some dried serrano chili peppers from them which I will throw into soups and roasting veg.

Animal Balloon

This photo just cracks me up!  My cousin sent it to my now 11 year old for his birthday, it is hilarious!  A balloon in the shape of a bull.  Ha!

Burger cakes

These cakes were for the birthday boy this weekend.  I used this feature from Frankie magazine as inspiration.  I used vanilla cake for the ‘bun’ and brownie for the ‘burger!  The ‘lettuce’ is green taffy rolled flat and the ‘ketchup’ is red icing. Simple and effective, just how I like things to be!

I am joining Isabel at Nanjing Nian for One + Four = Life, four photos to sum up the past week.

I hope you had a very good week and that the coming week is just as good or even better!


  1. I love the mushroom! It looks like a flower with its petals unfurling. And how good do those ‘burgers’ look!

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