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Weekly Photos 13/52















A chilly Spring break was had last week, we had a couple of trips out around St Louis and a nice time was had.  We came across a couple more 250 year Birthday cakes for St Louis, which really is a baby city age!  I do like all the cakes though, good idea.  I wonder how many we will see?  So far we have clocked about 8!  There will be 250 cakes in total by the end of the year all over St Louis and the surrounding area to celebrate 250 years of St Louis.

We caught the train into the city and went to the Soldier’s Memorial and visited the City Museum.  The highlight of the trip for me was the hippo atop a neighbouring building and the life-size manatee sculpture also in a neighbouring building.  The manatee is suspended from a ceiling and can be seen through very dirty city windows, which is my excuse for the bad photo.  I had to photo him though, he is so magnificent.

At the weekend the weather warmed up a touch and we went to the zoo to see the seals and the hippos and the prairie dogs.  The hippos were sunbathing out of the water, but Mr Y snapped the cool picture of one of the fish who share the hippo’s enclosure and pool.

On the way back to the train from the zoo we stopped off at the St Louis Art Museum to take in my most favourite painting which I snapped Mr Y looking at.  I always love to see the Spectrum painting too, just to breathe in all of that colour.

The silver tree is another of my favourite things and I have never really got up to it to get a good look because we are always coming or going when we pass it.  I have never noticed the silver fungi growing on the trunk before.  Glad I did.

I am linking up with Em at The Beetle Shack this week for the Weekly Stills collections.

I hope you had a great weekend and are looking forward to a fabulous week ahead.





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