Through The Lens Thursday
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Through The Lens Thursday 14. Self

I am joining Greta at GFunkified and Alison at Writing Wishing this year for a weekly photography improvement and practice challenge.  We have to use our camera on the manual setting, none of this auto, doing it the easy way nonsense and each week there is a prompt/theme to follow.  It is proving to be a great challenge and I am learning lots from other people’s photos and the prompts themselves.

This week brings the dreaded self portrait with the prompt ‘self’.  In true selfie style I held my camera at a full arm stretch and snapped away!    As it was pouring with rain, I held the camera just inside the door while I stood just outside and got a bit soggy.

I am just getting the hang of the F stop numbers the camera and which light works best with higher or lower numbers.  This was taken at F4.5 and ISO200.  Lots of learning and experimenting, I took 44 pictures of only half my head, some out of focus and some very weird faces.  In the end I had about four to choose from which I felt worked.

How do you like having your photo taken?  Do you take selfies?  Sometimes they are fun and sometimes excruciatingly awful!

Fancy joining the challenge?  Next week is ‘books’ which should be a good one.


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