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‘I like’ Friday. The Crochet Edition.


Making stuff is the best thing!

I haven’t pulled out my crochet for a couple of weeks and today I thought I would hook a few stitches onto one of my blankets in progress.

I have two blankets on the go because one was getting big and I wanted to take a crochet project on vacation earlier in the summer. So I started a new blanket and a new stitch to take away with me.


The ‘vacation’ blanket which is at very early stages in size, is made using ripple stitch and I am very proud of myself for managing a new stitch!  The pattern is here if you fancy a go.

The grey blanket is a giant granny square and I am starting with dark grey in the middle and getting lighter as I work my way out to the full size blanket.  The pattern is from the book ‘Craft for the Soul’ by Pip Lincolne.


I am super pleased that I learnt to crochet, it is one of those activities which really makes you slow down, concentrate on what you are doing and create something snuggly all at the same time. Hopefully one or even both blankets will be done for the winter.

Along with some crochet, I had a lovely slice of lemon bar.  These delicious desserts are made using a whole lemon in the topping and the recipe is from the Smitten Kitchen book. It was super fun whizzing up a whole lemon to make the bars!

I hope your Friday is going well and you have a lovely weekend coming up.

Happy Friday x


  1. The lemon looks delish, Clare! I do love a lemon sweet treat. The crochet is coming along excellently. I’m pretty pleased I taught myself too! And the tray is lovely!

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