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Weekly Photos 30/52











Today we are enjoying slightly cooler temps and some rain.  I walked the dog in light rain this morning and we both were grateful for the relief from the scorching weather we have been having lately.

Having said that we are going to see more heat for at least the rest of the week.  Sunscreen and hats always at the ready!

In the meantime I am sitting on my porch writing this and listening to ‘Steve Wright in the Afternoon‘ on the BBC iPlayer. Crazy lady sitting on the porch listening to the radio!

Here are some photos from the last week.

1. Some weeds I picked up along the dog walking route.  I sketched them and took this snap.

2. This leaf was almost glowing with colour as it sat on the floor of the path through the woods.  Is Autumn coming?  Not yet I don’t think!

3. We have seen some beautiful cloudy skies this week, these yellow leaves are the perfect contrast.

4. Fabulous tomatoes at Tower Grove Farmers Market here in St Louis.

5. An array of fresh veggies at Tower Grove.

6&7. I was overjoyed to see the lotus flowers in bloom in one of the ponds at Tower Grove Park.  The place was full of Pokemon hunters, but I was happy to just gaze at these beauties.

8. One of the pavilions at Tower Grove Park.  It is full of ornate pavilions with red, yellow and striped roofs.

9. The base of an ancient tree, it looks like it is about to speak!

School is almost back, only two weeks left before the kids are back.  I think we had better start getting up earlier!! We have almost all of the school supplies and new shoes, so I think we are nearly ready.

When are you back to school?  Are you out for the summer?

Happy Monday x

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