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Get Messy Season of Contrast, Week 3.


I let this page guide me as I made it and I love how it turned out.  Almost the opposite to last week where I layered and layered, this page has lots of white space left which I like.


I started by making some plain gelli plate prints using the colours I had chosen.  I printed blocks of colour on dry wax paper and old book pages.  Once I had my pages I cut out some shapes as neatly as I could and I tore some shapes to contrast.

I wove the green and aqua torn strips, both of which were on wax paper to make the grid on the right page above.

The aqua circles are torn out and also printed on dry wax paper.


The copper and gold shapes are cut with scissors and were printed on the book paper.



I like to see the pages close up, the gelli plate gives an interesting print even with one or two colours.

Thanks to Get Messy Art Journal and Jules Tea for the inspiration!

Happy Thursday x

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