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Get Messy Season of Connections. Week 2.

I have been exploring connections of all kinds in my art journal this past two weeks since the Season of Connections started over at Get Messy.

Once I started thinking about it, connections are everywhere, physical and abstract.

I have a strong connection to nature, so there is usually a botanical theme to my journal somewhere.  It may be flower shapes or organic leaves or a landscape or two.

So far in this journal I have printed leaves with my gelli plate onto dry wax paper and stuck them in, I have stitched leaves and painted them with watered down sumi ink.

A completely random connection appeared when I printed a leave on a page from an old dictionary and when I tore it up to stick down, I noticed that I had printed on a page which had ‘folk dance’ at the top. This is an immediate connection to my maternal grandparents who used to take me folk dancing when I was a kid.  I loved it and have very fond memories of folk dancing with my grandparents, listening to the caller who told us all what to do, where to be and when to change partners!

I also made some inky watery leaves which I think are the beginning of a page but I may leave them be.  I have a feeling that I will start lots of pages and then come back and make more connections on them and between them.

At the end of the season these pages may be completely different! Or not.  Only time and connections will tell.






What are you creating?  Are you filling a sketchbook or an art journal?  Do tell!

Happy Thursday x


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