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Marvelous Monday

What is marvelous this Monday?  These things are!

The Joy of Watercolor by Emma Block is a beautiful book from cover to cover, I even love the size and shape of it.  I love a square chunky book! She shares lots of specific watercolor projects but they are not just step by steps, they are full of ideas and information which you can use in your own work.

The most gorgeous jewelry from British designer Layla Amber.  Delicate woodcut necklaces, pendants, rings and earrings galore for all seasons.

I am reading the new Joanna Cannon book ‘Three Things about Elsie’ and really enjoying it, I am only about 50 pages in and already it is full of intrigue and characters.

Tinkersketch  August challenge is one I came late to, but I still jumped in even though I started about two weeks into the month!  Rachelle of Tinkerlab (the host of Tinkersketch) suggested on her Instagram to combine prompts and used ‘building’ as an example.  This got me thinking I could do the whole prompt list as buildings, so I am and am now halfway through.  Quite happily doing a prompt a day even though I am behind rather than panic and try and catch up.  I am very pleased with my little book of buildings so far!

There are two classes over at fabulous Creative Bug which I am really enjoying and these are Andy Wahol inspired monoprints and Treasure hunt your artistic style.

Cabbage, yes really. Cabbage is the most versatile vegetable in my kitchen at the moment!  I love it with nachos, in noodle soup, in salad and to add crunch to a sandwich!

What are you finding marvelous on this Monday?

Happy Monday x

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