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Sketching in a magazine-entertaining myself during a flight.

I was on the way home to St Louis from Portland on the only direct flight I could find at the time I needed and I had forgotten to check in early so I ended up in the dreaded C boarding group on Southwest, there were 4 people behind and a plane full of people in front of me.  I was not looking for a luxury window or a convenient aisle seat, no, I was looking for a inevitable middle seat but what I was really looking for was one with room to breathe! I spotted it, a seat I could fit in without (hopefully) having to fight the elbows or knees of my fellow travelers.

I plonked myself down and get settled. Phone on airplane mode, what shall I do?  Read my book which I had just bought and was only a few pages in?  Listen to some music or a podcast? Start reading Kinfolk magazine which I had splashed out on just before I left Portland?

While I was in Portland one of my friends had gifted me a new pen which I was keen to try so I somehow got the idea to read Kinfolk and as I read it, sketch in it and jot notes in it. Isn’t it strange how an idea can just come to you and you know it will be a winner! I just knew that this mini project would see me through the journey home.

I read the articles and then sketched or made some marks depending on what I thought I wanted to do on the page.  I didn’t want to draw on this horse so I doodled a few circles.This article was about bird calls so I sketched some birds.  The shelves in the advert got a few additions.Here is a hotel article and I wrote on the next page ‘I bought a sand-wich I won’t eat because I was given all the snacks’!  The airline crew were very generous with the snacks!  I doodled in Mr Dali’s magnifying glass and made a note on the following page about some chocolates I had bought and turned out not to be what I expected.

I learnt about Yugen and bubbles in space.‘Case design’, I know, hilarious.More doodles and some matches.I added to this fashion spread where I felt needed some extra!!! ha

By the time we touched down in stormy STL, I was still only 72 pages in and still not bored!

Thanks to the lovely strangers on the plane for not talking to me and to Kinfolk magazine for an most pleasant flight home!

Happy Tuesday x


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