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Books I like and some on my wish list!

Here are some books that I have borrowed from the library and love and a couple which I have not seen inside but I really really want to!

Ottolenghi Simple This is a book full of really interesting and delicious sounding recipes like ‘Thai sticky rice with crispy ginger, chile and peanuts’ or ‘Sweet potato mash with lime salsa’ which also are completely doable. The ingredients are not a mystery and the method is straightforward.

Breakfast with Beatrice I love me a cook book or even better a pile of cookbooks, even though they are huge and heavy to carry home, I don’t even care! This one also has a beautiful cover (yes, I do judge books by the cover). ‘Walnut pear coffee cake’ and a delicious sounding ‘Belgian waffle’ recipe are on my ‘to bake’ list. Some more unusual ingredients in this one, but nothing inaccessible.

Smithsonian Flora I have not clapped eyes on this book but I have seen a couple of peeks on the interwebs and it looks so gorgeous I need to see it!

Oliver Jeffers: The Working Mind and Drawing Hand Another one I have not had the pleasure of holding in my hands, but it sounds so interesting and I am a big fan of Oliver Jeffers.

Polka Dot Parade A Book about Bill Cunningham Picture books have my heart, I just love them and this one is about the late Bill Cunningham which makes it a winner in my view. The illustrations are by the amazing Masha D’Yans who is one of my favourite artists,  her work is gorgeous and inspiring which is exactly what this book is.

Frida Kahlo An Illustrated Life A beautiful beautiful book which is written in the first person and full of gorgeous and some brutal illustrations which tell the story of Frida Kahlo perfectly.

A Big Important Art Book Now with Women The new book from the Jealous Curator Danielle Krysa is all of the things, it is interesting and inspiring and gets you to work on your own art.  It is split into chapters like ‘Capture Childhood’  and ‘Add a Wink’ which each feature a selection of artists and a page of projects for the reader to work on their own art practice.  I think it is kind of a genius book.

The Art of the Fold This is another on I have not actually seen but boy do I want to grab this one and make some books and zines.  Hand made books are a recent pleasure in my life and they are the best.  Making a journal or a zine and then filling it up is so rewarding.

What books have you been enjoying or are on your wish list?

Happy Thursday x

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