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Wanderlust 2019

We are now a month into Wanderlust 2019 and I am having a blast!  Wanderlust is a year long series of tutorials, ideas, techniques and inspiration for all of your art making and art journaling needs.

I am biased because I am teaching this year and my class will be live in the Rivers theme in March.  Having said that I have no truck with a class I don’t enjoy and Wanderlust is so varied and prolific that if there is a class or a theme you are not feeling, fear not, another is just around the corner.

I made my journal which should last all year and I am looking forward to seeing it fill up with a variety of work, ideas and art.

For all the information and enrollment details, follow this link Wanderlust 2019 information 

Please note that the above link is an affiliate link.

Happy Sunday x

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  1. I’ve said it before but it is worth repeating, I am so happy you are teaching this year Clare and look forward to your lesson in March!!! I also LOVE seeing your interpretations of the lessons because you always keep it “Clare Style” which I just love!!!!

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