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The 100 day project, I changed my mind!

‘The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry’ to quote Mr Robert Burns.

My plans for the 100 day project were not really that well laid if I am honest and they have not gone far awry, they have just moved a little bit and changed a little bit.

I still plan to do the project and I am enthusiastic to begin on Tues April 2nd, I have merely changed my mind.

I gathered some blue supplies for something else and I had a flashback to each time I think that a project all in blues would be a nice thing to do.  I have thought about this many times and done it no times, so I thought the 100 day project would be an ideal opportunity to make a lovely blue project.

So, for the 100 day project 2019 I intend to be creative each day using blue.  Blue media, blue substrate, maybe even photographing or sketching a blue something.

I haven’t decided on a hashtag yet (apparently decisions are not my strongest point at the minute), but it will be one of these.  Which should I use?

100 days of blue creativity

100 days of creating in blue

100 days of creating with blue

So I am in, I am ready and I will try and make a hashtag decision and stick to it!

Happy Thursday x

PS ‘100 days of blue creativity’ sounds  a bit saucy, so that one is out!! Ha ha ha ha ha.

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