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What did you get up to this weekend?

I went out early (ish) on Saturday to trawl yard sales.  There was one at a local church and I had high hopes for treasure.  I wasn’t disappointed!

I got four scarves in all, but these two are the prettiest. I think the blue one is silk, the flowers on it are so delicate, they might even be hand painted.

The pink one might be a head scarf and it was ‘Made in France’  for a St Louis department store of the olden days called ‘Stix, Baer and Fuller’. The department store was open from 1892 until 1984. This scarf  looks very 1960’s, but I am not sure as I can’t find any images of it.

Do you know any St Louis ‘Stix, Baer and Fuller’ history?  Do share.  You know where the comments are, get to it!

I missed this pan when I did my initial sale walk through.  I spotted it when I had already gathered what I thought was my final choices.  I have been looking for a tube/bundt/angel cake tin for ages and this vintage ‘Comet’ aluminium one is great, nice and tall and with a loose base which is always a plus point to a cake tin.  It cost a grand 25c so I was a happy camper!


Now, I am not interested in playing cards as an item usually, I don’t even play cards, mainly because I can never remember any games.  ‘Snap’ anyone?!  These nearly jumped out of the box at me, they are so striking.  The colours of the painted flowers are so beautiful, I snapped them up (ha ha, see what I did there…).

I found these bowls and thought they would be ideal for sorting beads when I am making and designing my jewelry pieces.   When I got them home, I looked them up and they are called Bubble bowls and are made from milk glass.

Do you know about old glassware?  Do you collect it?  I wonder how old these bowls are?

I am hoping this 25c frame will scrub up for me.  I want to spray it and maybe put a chalk board in it.  When I do, I will be sure to share.


These lovely vintage spools were true treasure!  Especially the black one, it is so cool, I just want to use it in all of my photos!  The french knitting spool looks like an old cotton reel which someone has knocked some tacks into to make a french knitter.  I remember doing this when I was little (not on spools this old though..).  Maybe I should find instructions to remind myself how to do it and have a go.  I do remember just making really long tubes of french knitting and then wondering what to do with them!  Maybe I can be a bit more imaginative now?

Can you remember how to do stuff from childhood like French Knitting?  Did you have a proper ‘Knitting Nancy’ or did you bash some tacks into a cotton spool?


The boys moved the tire swing to the end of the garden this weekend and had a great time climbing and swinging.

How was your weekend?  Find any treasure?  I hope so!


  1. Ann says

    25 cents?! I would love to have a bundt cake pan! Love the scarf finds and milk glass bowls! I was like a recluse this weekend. I am inspired now to get next weekend though!

  2. dazzlingdezignz says

    Wow! You found some great items! I think I’ll start going to yard sales. I’m hoping to find some great vintage silverware!

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