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Grow it. Eat it.

I bought a single cucumber plant back in April, popped it in one of the raised beds next to the garlic in our back garden and left it to it’s growing thing. Then the weather got cold and rained and rained and the little cuke was looking a little droopy.
I harvested my garlic and left the cucumber plant the run of the bed and now it is growing like a crazy plant. Cucumbers all over the place getting big and green and fat!

The garlic is being stored in the basement and is drying nicely.

Of course the mint is on a garden take over mission which I really don’t mind, it is contained to one end of the garden so it can grow and grow and I can make tea and tzatziki.

Tzatziki is calling the mint and garlic and cucumber tonight. Here is how I make it.

A bunch of mint (mine is starting to seed but that just makes the bunch pretty! I only need the leaves)

Half a big fat cucumber

A few garlic cloves

A splash of wine vinegar (I used white)

One cup plain yoghurt

A generous pinch of salt

Chop the mint leaves and garlic into teeny tiny pieces, grate the cucumber and squeeze out the excess water.

Mix with salt and the vinegar and a cup of plain yoghurt (Greek is good, but any will be fine).

Dip falafel  and veggies and enjoy!

Are you growing anything?  How is it doing?  Lots of my neighbours are having bumper tomato crops this year.

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