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New York Photos from my June visit

I had a very interesting, informative and  photo-ful trip to New York and Brooklyn last month.

Some highlights were the Punk exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum, Coney Island even with the Mermaid Parade chaos, Tinsel Trading (my new favourite shop) and seeing friends and friends.

My trip into the big city on Friday.  The Met for Punk Chaos and Central Park  for a sunny walk with a lovely friend.

I came across Tinsel Trading as I was heading from a magazine shop to Muji and I am so happy I did, the place was amazing, I wanted to move in there!  Trims and buttons, vintage and ribbons as far as the eye could see all displayed in old cabinets and drawers.  Gorgeous.  I came out with some beads, silk ribbon and metal thread.  I thought I was rather restrained, I hope you are proud of me!

Coney Island colour and fun!

My last day in Brooklyn.  I had to visit the Momofuku Milk bar and Union Market.  I picked up some international magazines and caught the ferry over to Governor’s Island and back.

So, that was the New York round-up from me.  Hope you liked my little photo collection.

Have a happy week!

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