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Challenges and an actual challenge.

Monthly, daily, weekly challenges. Do you love then or do you hate them. Or do you love the idea of them and hate that you never stick with them?


I have been doing the photo a day challenge with prompts provided by Chantelle at Fat Mum Slim for almost a year now and it is now totally part of my day no matter how busy I am. Some photos are snaps which barely meet the prompt and some are worked on with filters and all sorts of nonsense from a variety of apps.
I started the daily photo thing with Hipstamatic who also do a prompt based challenge on Instagram. I love the Hipstamatic app, but I don’t want to have to use it for every photo.

I saw a challenge on A Beautiful Mess today – The 30 day self portrait challenge. My initial reaction was holy squashed avocados, even I don’t want to see a month of photos of me!

Why would any modest person want to do this, blah blah, blah.  Then I saw it again on Instagram and saw some comments – ‘great idea’, ‘I’m in’, ‘isn’t that a bit vain?’ Among the many many comments.  I decided I agree on all points and I am in!

Maybe a bunch of selfies might be a liberating thing I am thinking (as I try to justify this rather vain undertaking!).  Maybe it will bring out the best in my non ability to take a decent photo of me. I always look cross or just weird, or both which isn’t a great look.

Part of the challenge for me is posting them all, I mean I can post them, I know how, but will I want to?  What if I am having a mirror melting day?  Oh, I know, there will be an app for that!  Or of course there are always the good old feet photos…

I am looking forward to geting some practice as my blog photo is in the snow (ahem, needs an update).

My Etsy photo is of my back (need one with jewels which I have made methinks).

Maybe I can turn this challenge frown upside down and use it to my advantage and get some decent and appropriate profiles out of it.

I know, first day and I am hiding behind a turnip!

Any challenges tickling your fancy?  Photos, sketches, writing, poetry, art?  Don’t you just want to do them all?!  I do!  Find me on Instagram @catseatdogsmakes.


  1. i’ve not entered any monthly photo challenge before.. but i see some bloggers doing it.. must be such a fun thing.. maybe i will watch out for such a challenge next time.. ;D

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