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Favorite instagrammers

Do you Instagram?  Who do you follow?  Family?  Friends?  Big corporates?  Small businesses? Celebs?

I have used Instagram for about a year and a bit now and to start with there was the option to share or not, so I used it more as a filters app and not a social media app.  Now, of course it is all sharing and all social media which is fine, I just use other filter apps and think about what I want to share with anyone who cares to take a look.

About that anyone can take a look thing.  How do you feel about that?  Are you careful to watermark so your photos can’t be reused?  I am not, but then I am no top photographer, so I am not too worried.  I follow @davidloftus and he interestingly doesn’t watermark his photos and he is a top photographer.  I think watermarks are only useful when they are slapped right across the middle and that completely ruins the whole point of putting a photo up in the first place.  So I suppose it is best to save your masterpieces for somewhere else, like your living room walls.

Do you put up pictures of your kids and where you live?  I try not to put my children on Instagram and if I do it is a picture where their face isn’t clear.  Call me paranoid, but this is a public site and I must admit that I cringe when I see half naked kids on there.   Yes, I know they were having great fun in the water during the summer, but save it for Grandma on a private Facebook page.  I am amazed that some celebrities post pictures of their kids all over Instagram.  I wonder what these children will think about that when they are older.

Talking of private, are you (on Instagram)?  Most of my ‘followers’ are people I don’t know or have connected with via my blog or someone elses, so I keep my Instagram public, so that I can keep these connections going and growing.  I have found some cool stuff via Instagram, everything from funny challenges to a cool product someone makes.  I must admit if I come across a private account, I won’t even bother unless I know the person.  I want to see the photos first before I add them to my feed.

If you like an app on your phone, I recommend following them too as this is usually the first place they post new features or tips.  I like @over, @rhonnafarrer, @emmaredvelvet (A Beautiful Mess) and of course @instagram.

I am enjoying the Fashion week photos at the minute, my favourite Instgrammers for the Fashion week (s) are  @harpersbazaarus @imninagarcia (watch out for Project Runway spoilers though) and @rebeccalowthorpe (British Elle and a school friend from way back when!).

Generally I follow people I know and/or people whose photos I adore and admire.  I don’t follow many big  companies although I do follow some great small businesses like @scribblesandstripes and @eyecandyboutiquestl.

How about celebs?  I follow @jamieoliver and @karliekloss and love their posts, but most celebs and music stars just post really boring pictures I think.  No photos of Justin Bieber and his monkey in my world!

My favourite ‘grammers are @davidloftus, @kalbarteski, @missfoodwise, @tinkerlab and @khiesti.

Who do you follow?  Want to follow me @catseatdogsmakes?  Put your Instagram name in the comments I will pop over and say Hi!


  1. I’m already following you on Instagram of course. I’m @CraftyHope. Thanks for sharing so many of your favorites. There were quite a few in there that I wasn’t following. I do love me some Instagram too. I believe I’m truly addicted to it! 😉

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