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Photo filters and apps for Halloween

20131002-132040.jpgOctober is here and apparently so is Halloween fever!  My youngest fetched up our bag of Halloween decos gathered mainly from November sales, so it has taken us a few years to gather a spider or three.

I did like that he squished a pair of skelly-bob gloves behind a drain pipe, to rather good effect I think!  So I took a snap and then I added a few (too many) finishes and got a spooky photo as a reward!

For this shot, I used Snapseed and cropped and added a ‘grunge’ finish and a texture and a creepy frame.   Spooky huh?

I started with this –


After this one, I had to do the spider too!  An innocent giant spider chomping on a glow in the dark skelly, add a few photo finishes and creepy spider with a swarm to help him….


For this one, I started in Camera+ , cropped and added the ‘Dreamstate’ filter, then on top of that I used the ‘Pinhole’ filter.   I messed with the intensity to get the effect I wanted – scary!  Once this was saved in Camera+, I switched to Rhonna Designs and added lots of bees and a frame.  I like this one.  Kind of creepy, kind of pretty….

I started with this.


Just a friendly fuzzy giant spider.

Have you got Halloween decos up yet?  Do you decorate or do you allow your kids to throw the decorations up?

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